J.C. Reifenberg

J.C. started working professionally with film, video, and graphics at the age of 16 by creating multimedia presentations for several local businesses. He attended the University of Miami Film School, where in addition to his coursework, he continued to work on professional music videos and other assorted projects. Upon graduation, J.C. moved to New York City and began working full-time as a producer's assistant, and at MLB Advanced Media as a feature editor and primary cameraman. While there, J.C. shot video features for multiple World Series, All-Star games, and many other special baseball events. Additionally while at MLB, J.C. created features for musical groups such as Bon Jovi, Trace Adkins, Guns 'n Roses, and many others. After 4 years with MLB, J.C. moved to Los Angeles and began freelancing as an editor and cameraman for a long list of Los Angeles based clients, including CBS, Relativity Media, and the MLB Players Union. J.C. is now focusing his efforts on passion projects through his company, |Absolute Value| Pictures.

 Don Thiel

Don has acted as both editor and cinematographer of several music videos, short films and documentary short-subjects. He was recently awarded 'Best Editor' from the LA Cinema Fest and his directorial debut: 'The Raven' was named 'Best Short Film' at the 2011 HP Lovecraft Film Festival. Judge Guillermo del Toro cited the film's "great ideas and techniques" and ability to "take the text and make it come alive in a different context". An Emerson College graduate, Don has been passionate about filmmaking since he attempted to remake Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy at the age of 8.

 Tara Shane

Tara Shane grew up in Long Island, New York, and has been focused on becoming a filmmaker since the first time she saw E.T. as a kid. Tara graduated from the film program at Hunter College and received a certificate in cinematography from UCLA Extension. Her strongest asset to the team is her extensive knowledge of films and directors, as well as her innate understanding of story, conflict, and the writing process.

Josh Roush Anticurrent Absolute Value Dr. Josh Roush

Josh is a musician and self proclaimed multimediatician. Born in Middletown Ohio, he escaped captivity many moons ago and eventually migrated to sunny Hollywood, California. He is now working for Sony Network Entertainment International and as a part of |Absolute Value|. You can locate the abundance of his music, short movies, art, and more at his personal website

 Brad Hecht

Brad Hecht was born and raised in Bergen County, New Jersey. Brad and J.C. went to college together at the University of Miami, where J.C. met Brad while he was brushing his hair one day. Clearly, that day has long since passed. Since then, J.C. and Brad have collaborated on a feature length screenplay and worked together on several short films. Brad started his career as a production intern on Rocked with Gina Gershon on IFC, and has also worked for such companies as ABC Sports, MLB Advanced Media, and Technicolor.

Joey Harris

Joey is a writer/director from Pasadena, CA, specializing in short form and New Media content. Joey is a frequent participant in the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project and a multiple award winner. His recent short, Live With It, was awarded Best Film in 2011 and screened alongside city winners from around the world in 2012. Joey's other forty-eight hour shorts, For the Moment and Earthbound, were recognized for Best Directing, Editing, and the Audience Choice Award with additional nominations for Ensemble Acting and Writing. He has written and directed episodes of the popular web series Elevator and Game Room as well as helmed the pilot episode of The Mane Show starring Tyler Mane. (Rob Zombie's Halloween 1&2) In 2009, Joey's work with fellow writer Scott Napolitano on "Issues: The Series" earned the show WGA East signatory status under the Writer's Guild 2.0 Initiative. For the past two years, Joey has been thrilled to be part of the Absolute Value team. He tires of writing of himself in the third person and encourages you to take advantage of the many services our company provides.

Andrew Heaberlin

Andrew is a bearded Kentuckian and an award-winning filmmaker.  His short, Let It Be War, earned Best Regional Film and Best Narrative Short at the Cincinnati Film Festival (2012) and the Workers Unite! Film Festival (2013), respectively.  Andrew is an alumnus of Ohio University, holding degrees in both Video Production and Electronic Media.  During college, Andrew directed several multi-camera, live events, occasionally working for local NBC affiliate.  He also produced promotional videos for both corporate and non-profit clients, working as a camera operator, editor, and grip.  Since graduation, Andrew's focus has shifted more toward film production, narrative and documentary, serving in diverse roles on various productions.  Those roles include: art department lead man, assistant editor, camera operator, writer, director, and producer.