About Us:

Don’t get cocky:

This is an ego free zone with all roles being important and everyone's opinions considered. Whether you contribute 10 things or 1, you have had an impact on the final product. Our team operates with no room for entitlement.

There is no such thing as luck:

The thing that most people call luck, we refer to as passion. A lot of people define luck as the cross-section of opportunity and preparation. |Absolute Value| takes it one step further by immersing ourselves in our passion. By doing this, we are able to see opportunity in every possible situation. Luck is a function of passion, preparedness, and patience. Putting together a diverse team where everyone has their individual strengths and passions equips us to appeal to a broader audience and succeed in doing so.

Your focus determines your reality:

|Absolute Value| believes that by staying focused on goals and dreams and refusing to quit, that those dreams will become a reality. A person driving a car who constantly looks at the road immediately in front of them never knows where they are going. Their attention and concern is always on the pothole, speed bump or diversion in front of them. By aiming high and looking to the horizon, you coast over the bumps in the road, identify trouble far in advance and can plan ahead. By staying focused on the destination, even if you hit a detour you're still closing the gap between reality and your dreams.